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Hi there! I’m Neal Fullerton and Musical Teambuilding is one of my great passions in life. I use music interactively to energise conferences and as a metaphor to illustrate teamwork. Through talks and interactive workshops, I harness the power of music to bring people together in a unique way. I’m passionate about music and have performed at hundreds of conferences in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

As a professional musician, singer, songwriter, music-therapist and entertainer, I’ve been lucky enough to work all over the world. My experience is drawn from some very diverse areas including music, business, communication and also entertainment. From the Royal College of Music to music therapy, and from there to the entertainment world, I have worked internationally as a professional musician and entertainer for many years. My business experience includes working with several international blue-chip companies in the UK such as Pilkington and Bausch & Lomb running successful sales teams. I’ve also worked with key players in the Scandinavian oil industry including ConocoPhillips and Statoil - creating and delivering customised training courses in business presentation skills. This unique combination of musical know-how and business experience allows me to connect easily with any group and to fully understand the business aims of the client. What is common to all of the work I have done is communication and teamwork. Think of any good band - The Rolling Stones, Duke Ellington or the Royal Philharmonic - they are all strong, effective “teams” that communicate effectively to produce harmony.

I am also proud to work with many of the world’s leading speaker bureaus including:

I love to take on new challenges and to create something really special for each client.

So if you’re planning a conference, meeting or event, why not give me a call soon, to find out how I can help you make it more effective and memorable.

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