“It’s Teambuilding Jim…but not as we know it!”
Hanging off the side of a cliff with your colleagues…blindfolded driving (yes… really!) or getting covered in mud, might all be great ways to learn about working as a team. But these types of activities aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea. So if you’re searching for something unusual that everyone can relate to for your next event, musical teambuilding could be right for you. Music is universal - it connects people, regardless of nationality, culture, language, age and status. This makes it an ideal tool for events and gatherings - especially with international groups - and its so easy to set up, that you can run a session anywhere in the world.

With the “Hit Makers” concept your team will:
  1. Work together towards a shared goal
  2. Draw on their joint creativity
  3. Cooperate together
  4. Step outside of their comfort zones
  5. Listen to each other
  6. Share their ideas
  7. Get to know each other better
  8. Enjoy a sense of team achievement
  9. Create a tangible, memorable end product
  10. Have fun together

What is “Hit Makers”?
The teams are challenged to write their own company hit song.

  1. Your team is given a specially-recorded backing track (which has no melody)
  2. You have 3 hours to create a tune, lyrics and choreography to fit the track (using an iPad makes it easy!)
  3. Everyone has to work together, cooperate and share ideas to get it done
  4. Each team performs their song - and everyone goes wild!

(Our experienced, friendly music-coaches help you all the way)

Great value for money
If you want extra value for money , then “Hit Makers” is a perfect option. The daytime session gives you a standalone creative and challenging activity, which is effective and also great fun. But if the teams also film their performances, then screening the videos during your evening dinner or a sales-meeting can be great entertainment - at no extra cost to you!

Money back guarantee sticker
Money-Back Guarantee
We guarantee that a musical teambuilding session will deliver real results in the performance of your team such as:
  • Increased motivation
  • Better communication
  • More cooperation
  • Improved coordination
  • More creativity

We are 100% confident that you will love the results - if not, we’ll give you your money back! Find out more 

Neal’s Musical Teambuilding is a great concept which is fun and gets everyone involved. We’ve booked it for our staff party and for our client get-togethers. I recommend it!„

Vibeke Tvedt Hotelldirektør/General Manager Comfort Hotel Kristiansand
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“Let’s spend the night together...”
You can get even more value out of “Hit Makers” with one of our experienced music-coaches hosting an evening show for you - and presenting live performances of the best songs. Ask about our “Hit Makers Full Package”...

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