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Teambuilding doesn’t have to suck!
Walking on hot coals, abseiling, human sheep-herding (yes…it actually exists!) - there are lots of different teambuilding concepts out there. Some are weird, some are wonderful! Some seem almost counter-productive, by setting up “winners” and “losers”. But if you want something new that is different, effective, and guaranteed, musical teambuilding could be just what you’re looking for.

(Clients rave about it…and tell us so)

It’s a proven concept that we’ve delivered at hundreds of events internationally, which means that you can confidently count on success.

All of our musical activities:
  1. Bring people together
  2. Encourage cooperation
  3. Stimulate creativity
  4. Energise participants
...and they’re great fun too!

Tone Deaf? Don’t worry...
Anyone can play a Boomwhacker!
Boomwhackers are colourful plastic tubes. Each colour tube produces a perfectly tuned different musical note when struck. It’s easy and fun.
What’s Mick Jagger got to do with it?
With a musical team building session the focus is on cooperation rather than competition. Think of any great band, from The Rolling Stones to Foo Fighters to Count Basie to the Royal Philharmonic! They are all musical “teams” that cooperate as a unit to achieve harmony. This is why playing music together, is a powerful metaphor to explore teamwork. Many of the skills necessary to play music as a group are directly transferable to any group task. A leader is required, along with input from everyone, together with a positive attitude and a willingness to explore new possibilities. Playing in harmony demands a range of skills that are transferable to any workplace or project group such as:
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Cooperation
  • Coordination

How it works

1-2 hour session
With the Boomwhacker and Ukulele activity, the group is split into smaller teams and our experienced, friendly facilitators give them different musical challenges. (Boomwhackers are colourful plastic tubes tuned to produce different musical notes when struck) Participants have to work out melodies and play rhythms in time, as well as working with harmony. The teams also perform their musical pieces for their colleagues and finally all of the teams join up and play together as one unified group.

3-4 hour session
The Hit Makers activity is excellent for groups with more time available. With a little help from our experienced musical coaches, each team is challenged to write a Hit song and then to perform it. We give them specially recorded backing tracks (which have no set melody) and the participants then have to create a tune, lyrics and choreography. There are lots of musical styles to choose from such as Reggae, Dance, Country, Hip-Hop, Motown and many more.

Explore the Hit Makers page and video 

I have had the pleasure of working together with Neal on several company events and teambuilding sessions. Neal is dedicated, very organized and extremely good at what he does. The musical teambuilding is as good a teambuilder and icebreaker as any in the business and Neal "does his thing" to perfection each and every time. Full of energy, good humour and a natural touch„

Kevin Juhl-Thomsen - Event Manager at Team Works AS
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